Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Whack and Stack quilts

has anyone tried one of these whack and stack quilts. We have just finished quilting one of these for a customer of ours. they are a very impressive quilt. She said that it was easy to do but there was a lot of wastage in fabric. I suppose that just means more fabric for the stash.
The pattern she used was designed by Bethany S Reynolds taken from the book Magic Stack-N-Whack.
what do you think. I know that I am going to give this one a try the effect with the pattern formed in each square is really lovely.


  1. I so love stack and Wack, but I have had no problems with too much wastage, a few little bits from either end, but no more than any other quilt. Anyway they always come in handy fro scrappy quilts. Seems you are doing great with your blog so far.

    1. thanks Margarita, I will be trying this quilt as soon as I get the test quilt I am doing out of the way. I also think that there shouldn't be to much wastage. I don't mind scraps either I love scrappy quilts. I am looking forward to school holidays in a couple of weeks as I won't be working and will have time for quilting.


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