Sunday, 25 March 2012

Finshed the test quilt.

I finally finished it, what a lot of work, it is a very small quilt would I do it again, not likely. Did I enjoy making it no! in fact I nearly didn't finish it, if it wasn't for me doing it as a test quilt I probably wouldn't of finished. It looks nice, my husband thinks it is lovely. I think it is about 35inches square. So not very big at all. I think I will look at adding more borders and sashings to it to make it a quilt worth while at this size it isn't much use to me. Can't use it on the table my table seats 10 so it just gets lost on that. Will decide what to do later tho. I am looking forward to starting something fun, I am going to try a stack and whack quilt.
have a great one


  1. It won't get lost on your table. Find a lovely vase, urn or bowl and make a feature of it.

    1. Thanks Kate, I think I will add something around the edge to make it a bit bigger.


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