Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday family day

After a couple of tantrums and whinging and whining on my part, I have decided to do this test quilt my way and not the way of the pattern with the glue stick. It is slowly coming together it has taken many hours just to do one row of the 3 rows. It is flowing a bit better now that I have dropped the gluing and are getting to know the patterns. Thank god I only have to do the top on this one and not complete the backing and quilt it as I will be hard pressed trying to finish it by the end of this month. I work 36 hours a week and this one with has 3 rows of 3 blocks with 10 components of paper piecing per block and a paper pieced border. I will be working hard to get it finished.

Last weekend we had a big family weekend with Pipers first birthday and Sharnay's 17th birthday. My daughter from up the Sunshine Coast brought her dogs down with her for the weekend. They sleep indoors with them so I relented and allowed her to have them sleep inside in the family room with them. Today poor little Piper as she is crawling and only just walking was bitten by fleas. I am going to have to flea bomb the place tomorrow when everyone is at work and school to kill them. That is one thing we haven't had any trouble with our dogs as we had always kept up the flea and tick treatments. I will have to check them tonight to see if they have any fleas. If they do I will have to go and get a sentinel tablet from the vet to kill them fast.

Hope that you have all had a great weekend.

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