Saturday, 25 August 2012

trip around the world quilt.

I have just completed a trip around the world quilt. Which I did with a couple of jelly rolls.
I ran out of white fabric part way through and had to unpick and redo 7 rows but I am really happy with the end result.
As I ran out of the white fabric I was using and decided to use another white fabric from my stash, when I laid it out the two whites were different shades. So I decided to unpick and redo.

you will notice the rows in the top are a slight difference in the white colours. I had to remove 7 rows in all and change the 6 1/2 inch white squares.

this one here really shows the difference.
I have just finished it and will upload some photos of it tomorrow. I am glad that I decided to redo these ones. I had made a alot of 9 patch blocks so I had enough to redo the 7 rows of 18 across. 
I am going to use the blocks i removed and make a single bed quilt from.