Friday, 6 January 2012

Yearly visit to the vet

our two beautiful dogs had their yearly vet visit today. they both got a clean bill of health only they have to loose weight. The vet wants the little one Hercules to loose about 2-3 kilos and big girl Bella to loose about 5 kilo's. I myself think they are booth fit and healthy and aren't fat at all. Hercules is a Jack Russell/pug/foxy cross and Bella was a rescue dog so we guess she is a Rottie/ridgeback. But I have been asked if she is a New Zealand Huntaway I had never heard of them and google it and she does look like them. But it doesn't matter what she is she is a beautiful loving dog. She is one of the best dogs I have ever owned I would highly recommend getting a Animal rights and rescue dog. Hercules is our little stress head, he has to be in everything and know what is going on and he is just so full of energy. He can get a bit annoying but we wouldn't be with out him. I know there is one thing that I would do without with both of them is shedding their hair. Oh my god do they shed hair, as you can see we have cream tiles and they are always covered with black and white hair. If anyone knows how to stop this or to even lessen it I would love to hear how.

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