Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Embroidery machines

We are in the process at the moment of deciding if we are going to purchase an embroidery machine. We are looking at a Janome MB4 Embroidery Machine. Do we go ahead and get this or not. Does anyone else out there have any experience with these machines? Are they good quality machines, what about the program that you get to convert pictures etc into the digital format for embroidery, can these patterns also be used for quilting? All these questions, will this enhance our business, will this be just money spent that we never make back.
It is so hard to decide what to do about these things.
We purchased a very expensive longarm machine and our business is very slowly taking off. We got a website www.dahlwardquiltingservices.com hoping this will make our business grow faster, don't think we have anything from that. When we purchased our machine the man said that he had found that people got very little work from advertising in the quilting magazines. I just wonder is this the way to go to get us off the ground?
Where do you get your business for your quilting businesses? Do you advertise locally, do you advertise in magazines? or is it all word of mouth? I would really like to know what you think.

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