Monday, 30 January 2012

started a new quilt

Have a couple of quilts on the go at the moment. I have a square in a square quilt that I started yesterday with some pretty Moda 5inch squares. I will put up some photos when I get it a little further along.
I have a quilt on the machine at the moment for my mother for her anniversary from my father. I have made it in stripes of beautiful bali batiks in cappuccino colours of yellows, browns, blacks, golds such a pretty one. I am doing an all over abstract feather design on it and I will be making a label with my embroider machine for it. I am embroidering a queen bee on the label with a little history about the quilt and how it is made as a gift from my father etc.

I am back to work today full time so life is very hectic at the moment the first weeks back of the school term are always very busy for me. I may not get on here much the next few days, I wish those damn lotto tickets would just have the right numbers so that I could work full time sewing instead.

Have a lovely day


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