Wednesday, 18 April 2012


we have just been away for a couple of days in beautiful Woody Head in Northern NSW. We stayed in the Bunjalong National park. What a beautiful place, it was wet but a lovely time was had by all spending some quality family time. We had no internet or phone coverage so we had to do with out technology for a few days which was hard for some.
We went for walks on the beach, checked out the local Kangaroo's which my granddaughter thought was very fascinating. We saw some big Goanna's outside the place we stayed but as long as they stayed away from us all was good.
We had one day of fine weather and some very heavy rain the night before leaving and they were expecting alot more rain with chances of flash flooding. Good time to leave I thought the Caravan park was quite empty for school holidays.
Back into some sewing now before I have to go back to work next week. I have another test quilt to do, this is a  stained glass one. I can't get the pattern to print so I can see the lines at the moment.
hopefully they will send me another copy.

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