Monday, 23 April 2012

Austalian Quilt Market

Has anyone gone to one of these before. We have just booked to go to our first one in Sydney in June. I hope to do a few classes while there and meet up with some wholesalers.
I am really looking forward to the show and tell classes from the exhibitors. This is not open to the public you have to book to go to the Quilt Market. If   your interested you can look it up online at Australian Quilt Market. If you are a buyer it is free but if you want to see the classes you need to pay for a 2 day pass. Online booking is now open.
Back to work today so the next couple of days I won't be getting in much quilting can't wait for the weekend already.


  1. thanks Jeannette, I can't wait to go, I will have to tell you all about it after I have been. I hope to find information and wholesalers for anything to do with quilting. Living in a country area we don't get these opportunities and we haven't much variety in classes or products. Can't wait to go.



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