Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tutorial to make pinwheel quilt.

We had a customer that had made a quilt with pretty pinwheels on it that were folded we quilted it for her.
It was such a pretty quilt and looked easy to make so after having a look at the blocks I was sure that I could make that myself. Here is my version of what she did. In this I haven't sewn the pieces together but placed them in the order I have sewn them so that you could see the effect.
I used 10 inch squares for each block you need 4 of each colour
decide which of the 2 colours is going to be your pinwheel. fold in half to form a triangle and press
bring one of the long points of the triangle up to meet the centre point as shown above and press in place
place along one side of the back ground square as shown above repeat this for all 4 pieces.
the pieces are sewn together as shown above I just pinned mine in place to keep them there while I joined the seems with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
once you have joined both sets of 2 pieces sew them together to form the pinwheel.
make sure that the folded piece is like shown in these photos
there you have it one block,  I am going to put alternative blocks of the pinwheel and a plain fabric square to form a quilt. I will update photos when I have it completed.

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