Monday, 7 May 2012

Quilt Pro systems

I have recently signed up to receive free block of the day from the Quilt Pro Systems this is totally free.
I was wondering if anyone out there had actually used the quilt pro system computer program. For what I have read it looks pretty good.
You can draw your own blocks, make up quilts using the blocks they already have, you can scan in your fabric and use them to see what the quilt will look like in advance.
That would be nice to scan in your fabrics and play around and see how colours work together.
They have a few products that are interesting including the print and sew half square triangle sheets.
I haven't tried this method before but have read that others find it really easy, I have always just sewn 1/2 inch either side of the centre diagonal.
How do you sew up your half square triangles?
You should drop over and have a look. I know that I would be interested in a couple of the other products they sell including Carol Doak foundation pieces and the Mariner Compass Volume 1 set they look great. I still haven't tried the Mariner's compass but I just love the look of these quilts.

I hope that you are all well, I have been sick the last week and still not 100% with Bronchitis and Laryngitis so haven't done much sewing this week at all. Atleast the weather here has finally fined up and we have a lovely sunny day. Hope that the weather is lovely were you are.
Have a nice day.


  1. Dear Wendy,

    Great link to the Block of the Day. I've signed up. I hope you are feeling better soon, just that time of year unfortunately. I currently do the square sewn on either side of a line for my HST, but I have bought the Westalee cutting system, but haven't used it yet. I think which way is best depends on how many of the same triangle you are doing. I think the template system is good for lots of the same one, but the square with marking and cutting is probably fine for doing scrappy quilts.

  2. It is good isn't it Michelle to get some inspiration with free blocks sent to your inbox everyday, I haven't heard of the westalee cutting system, I will have to look it up and check it out.
    Have a good day


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